Texas Pedophile

Guest 34 27th Mar, 2020

                - irc.grepnet.org +6697 IRC of pedo
w0ne#2672 on Discord
Registered Offender
pedophile named w0ne aka Shane Allen Lewis who shows his junk to little kids on webcam
hes previously been doxxed, used to live in Texas with his trailer trash mom who makes less than a grocery store attendant
can find the original dox on doxbin(dot)org
New Home Address
1240 Pine St
Vidor TX 77662-3624
(409) 769-0009
He lives with his grandma who also pays his phone bill.
Stelvin Lewis
Vidor, TX
Age: 82
Full Name: Stelvin C Lewis Jr
Current Home Address:
Po Box 2004
Vidor TX 77670
Past Addresses: Home Address, Rental Property, Businesses, Apartments, Condos & Real Estate for Stelvin Lewis in Vidor, TX.
1240 Pine St
Vidor TX 77662
Po Box 1059
Vidor TX 77670
425 S Archie St, Unit 5
Vidor TX 77662
Phone: Cell, Mobile, Wireless, and landline telephone numbers for Stelvin Lewis in Vidor, TX. (409) 769-0009

Video of him pulling out his junk and doing drugs on webcam https://easyupload.io/06an50

Pictures of him doing drugs and showing them off + his current tattoos https://filebin.net/bhv3gaudfi7bl9h3
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